First of all, thank you for serving as a room representative in your child’s classroom this year. You are the unsung heroes of our school community…many of the fun things that our children look forward to throughout the year would simply not be possible without your help, dedication and support!

Teacher expectations of the room representative/parent vary by classroom. Definitely get to know the parents in your class so you can ask for help when it is needed (maybe plan a “mixer” to meet others!). TRY TRY TRY to get a couple of other moms to share Room Rep responsibilities (this will make your life easier for class parties!). We all share a common goal – to make sure our children benefit from the classroom experience and learn as much as possible. Many times parents will be glad to help; they just need to be asked. Try to vary your requests so you are not always asking the same thing from the same person each time.

Obtain email addresses of all the parents from your teacher and send them an introductory email (see sample below) at the beginning of the to advise them that you will be helping to coordinate the class’ events and that you may be calling upon them from help (some have used websites for these types of things…work with your teacher to see what has worked well in the past). PLEASE remember to send “paper” information out (can be as simple as printing out the email you send to class) to those who don’t have email addresses.

I look forward to working with you this year-

Paula Callas